Case #20-27: Gabriel Davies Tavern, Glendora, NJ

Gabreil Daveis Tavern House 4th Avenue, Glendora. This pre-revolutionary war tavern was built in 1756 and for many years served as an inn for boatmen who transported their products to Philadelphia via nearby Big Timber Creek. It was recently restored and now serves as Gloucester Township's historical centerpiece. This building has also been referred to as The Hillman Hospital House because it was designated a hospital by George Washington during the Revolution. It is listed on the National Register of Historic Places and is open to visitors on Sunday afternoons, from 1 to 4 , from April through December, excepting holidays.  The original furnishings are still in the house and there are still bloodstains in the attic. On occasion, people have observed someone walking in the upstairs rooms, lights in the windows and strange sounds of people suffering.

Date Of Investigation: 6/2//00
Time: 9:15PM - 12AM
Weather: mid 70's
Location of Investigation: Gabriel Davies Tavern, Glendora, NJ
Investigators On Scene: Dave Juliano, Anne Palagruto, Cindy Huntsinger, Jon Williams, Courtney Boulton, Anne Elefante, Tome Wilson, Jef Wilkins, Leslie Lagani
Equipment Used: 2 Olympus 340R Digital Cameras, Trifield EMF meters, ELF-Zone EMF Detectors, Electrosensor EMF meters, motion detectors, Nikon Nicetouch-2 35mm camera, Canon Sureshot 35mm camera, Panasonic Digital Voice recorders RR-DR60, Motion Detectors, Nikon N60 35mm camera, Nikon N70 35mm camera, Sony camcorder DCR-TRV103 w/"nightshot", Sony camcorder TR416 w/"nightshot".
Film Speed: 400 Fuji, 400 Kodak Gold
Video Tapes: 2
Audio tapes: 0
Photos taken: 410
Positive Photos: 60
EVP's: 1
Video: orbs

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