Weather: Rain, 66 degrees, 72% humidity, 29.82" barometric pressure
Solar Activity: Normal
Geomagnetic Activity: Storm
Moon Phase: Waxing; 29% visible

Equipment Used: Olympus D-390 digital camera, Fuji FinePix 2650 Zoom Digital Camera, Hewlett Packard Photo Smart 315 digital camera, Olympus D-540 Zoom digital camera, Fuji Discovery 90 35mm camera

Sony trv-118 8mm video camera w/ infrared nightshot, IR light extender

4-Cell Sensor EMF Meter, 6-ELF Zone EMF meter, Trifield Natural EM Meter, Gauss Lites EMF meter

Panasonic RR-QR100 digital voice recorder, 2-Panasonic RR-QR150 Digital Voice Recorder, Sony Walkman Minidisk MZ-R70 digital recorder with external microphone, Panasonic RR-QR-160 digital voice recorder, Optimus micro 41 micro-cassette recorder, Panasonic RR-US320 Digital Voice Recorder, Sony M-529 V tape recorder, Labtec AM22 Microphone

2-Raytek MT2 non-contact IR thermometer, Radio Shack Digital Thermometer, Radio Shack Digital Thermometer/Hygrometer

Radio Shack 49425 Motion Detector, Silva compass, Bell South 2276 radio, 2-Bell South 18 channel 2 way FRS radio, 2-Uniden TR620 FRS radio

Film: Kodak 800 speed 35mm, Fuji 800 speed 35mm

Tapes: Maxell 8mm video

- Private House: Readington, NJ -

Date Of Investigation: 9/17/04
Time: 9:50pm 1:00am
Investigators on Scene: Nikki Steward, Milt Klopfer, Stacey Burdash, Jim DeWyer, Dave Kreck
Photos taken (digital): 499
Photos taken (35mm): 125
Positive Photos (digital): 32
Positive Photos (35mm): 0
EVP's: 0
Anomalous EMF readings: 1
Anomalous temperature changes: 0
Video: 0


The residents report smelling cigarettes and perfume that they could not find a source for. They have also reported seeing apparitions and hearing voices. The SJGR team obtained postive EMF readings and photos. The impression that were obtained were varied and did not provide a clear picture of the spirits in the home.

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11:37pm - Investigator Klopfer took this photo at random.

11:46pm - Investigator Kreck took this photo at random.