Weather: Partly cloudy, 42 degrees, 77% humidity, 30.17" barometric pressure
Solar Activity: Normal
Geomagnetic Activity: Storm
Moon Phase: New

Equipment Used: D450 Zoom Olympus Digital Camera, Canon Sureshot 80 35mm camera, Olympus C-700 Digital camera, Olympus D390 Digital Camera, Fuji FinePix E510 Digital Camera, Fuji Discovery 90 35mm camera

Sony CCD-TRV128 video camera w/ infrared nightshot, IR light extender

Panasonic RR-QR80 digital voice recorder, Panasonic RR-DR60 digital voice recorder, Olympus VN-900 digital voice recorder, Olympus J-300 pearlcorder tape recorder, Sony Micro cassette-corder M-635VK, Olympus Digital Voice Recorder VN-1800, Panasonic RR-US320 Digital Voice Recorder, Sony M-529 V tape recorder, Sony ENC-F8 omnidirectional Microphone,

2-Cell Sensor EMF Detector, Trifield Natural EM Meter, Electrosensor EMF Detector, 3-ELF Zone EMF meter, Gauss Lites EMF meter,

Raytek MT2 non contact thermometer, Nu-temp NU-263 IR non-contact thermometer, Radio Shack wireless Thermometer w/3 remote sensors,

Telko S003M IR motion detector, Silva compass, Uniden 1400 FRS radio, Bell South 2276 radio

Film: Kodak Max 35mm 800 speed

Tapes: Maxell 8mm video, Maxell MC90VR audio

- Sketch Club Players: Woodbury, NJ -

Date Of Investigation: 1-8-05
Time: 8:30pm 12am
Investigators on Scene: Dave Juliano, Milt Klopfer, Jim Dewyer, Kathy Smith, Jackie DeMarco, Sunday Davis
Photos taken (digital): 655
Photos taken (35mm): 75
Positive Photos (digital): 54
Positive Photos (35mm): 1
EVP's: 1 "C" class
Anomalous EMF readings: 0
Anomalous temperature changes: 0
Video: 0


Sketch Club Building was originally a 4-room school built in 1889 and now a community theater. Witnessed have reported seeing apparitions, doors opening on their own and hearing various sounds like foot steps. This was our 2nd investigation of this building. The SJGR team had their infrared motion sensors tripped two times by unseen movement in areas where both teams had seen moving shadows and felt many presences. Twelve percent of the photos taken during this investigation contained orbs which are a form of energy that can be found in high concentrations where spirit activity is reported. An EVP recording was done with running water as a white noise source yielded a C class EVP which is unintelligible. The building has a lot of residual energy in it and we play to do more research here in the future.

-click on a photo for a larger image-

9:03pm - Investigator Davis took this photo when she felt someone was wathcing her from this area.

9:08pm - Investigator Davis took this photo when she felt someone was wathcing her from the rear of the theater.

9:15pm - Investigator Davis took this photo when Investigator DeWyer felt someone sit next to him.

11:12pm - Investigator Davis took this photo when the infrared motion sensor's alarm sounded indicating it had detected something moving on the stairs.