Weather: Cloudy, 49 degrees, 69% humidity, 29.89" barometric pressure
Solar Activity: Normal
Geomagnetic Activity: Quiet
Moon Phase: Full

Equipment Used: D450 Zoom Olympus Digital Camera, Canon Sureshot 80 35mm camera, Olympus D520 Zoom digital camera, Olympus C-4000 Digital Camera, Olympus D-390 digital camera, Fuji FinePix 2650 Zoom Digital Camera, 2- Olympus D-540 digital camera, Canon S230 Digital Camera, Minolta freedom action zoom 90 35mm camera, HP Photosmart 435 Digital Camera, Olympus D-380 Digital Camera, Nikon Coolpix 990 Digital Camera

Sony CCD-TRV128 video camera w/ infrared nightshot, 2- IR light extender, Sony trv-118 8mm video camera w/ infrared nightshot

Panasonic RR-QR80 digital voice recorder, Panasonic RR-DR60 digital voice recorder, Olympus VN-900 digital voice recorder, Sony ENC-F8 Omnidirectional Microphone, Olympus VN-180 digital voice recorder, Olympus VN-120PC Digital Recorder, Panasonic RR-QR100 Digital Recorder,Sony ICD-70 Digital Recorder, Olympus VN-1800 Digital Recorder, Olympus DS-150 Digital Recorder, RCA RP5008 Digital Recorder, Panasonic RR-QR100 digital voice recorder, 2-Panasonic RR-QR150 Digital Voice Recorder, RCA RP 5010B digital voice recorder, Olympus DS660 Digital Voice Recorder, Olympus VN-120 digital voice recorder, 2- 2RCA RP5012B Digital Voice Recorder, Olympus J300 Cassette Recorder, Olympus VN-240 digital voice recorder

8-Cell Sensor EMF Detector, 3-Trifield Natural EM Meter, Electrosensor EMF Detector, 9- ELF Zone EMF meter, 2- Gauss Lites EMF meter, KII EMF meter

5-La Crosse Technology's IR101 Infrared Thermometer, 2 Raytek MT2 non contact thermometer, Extech 42520 IR non-contact thermometer, Thermometer, Oregon Scientific EM899 digital thermometer, Max-Min Thermometer/Hygrometer, Radio Shack Digital Thermometer, Radio Shack Digital Thermometer/Hygrometer

Telko S003M IR motion detector, Radio Shack 49425 Motion Detector Radio Shack 49425 Motion Detector, 2- Copper Dowsing rods, Uniden 1400 FRS radio, Cobra PR 155 VP 2-Way Radio 2-Motorola Talkabout 5950 Two Way FRS Radio, 2-Cobra Cleartalk FRS radio, 2-Uniden FRS radio, 2-Bellsouth FRS radio, 2-Cobra Cleartalk FRS radios, 2-Bell South 18 channel 2 way FRS radio, 2-Uniden TR620 FRS radio

Film: Fujifilm Superia X-tra 800 speed 35mm film, Walgreens 35mm 400 speed film

Tapes: Fuji 8mm

- Fort Mifflin: Philadelphia, PA -

Date Of Investigation: 4-22-05
Time: 7:45pm – 11pm
Investigators on Scene: Dave Juliano, Kristyn Beaty, Nikki Steward, Milt Klopfer, Brian Jenkins, Laurie Miller, Jim DiVietro, Steven Wassall, Tim Becker, Liz Schmidt, John Kurkis, Kathy Dougherty
Photos taken (digital): 1357
Photos taken (35mm): 126
Positive Photos (digital): 87
Positive Photos (35mm): 0
EVP's: 24
Anomalous EMF readings: 3
Anomalous temperature changes: 0
Positive Motion Sensor Readings: 4
Video: 0


Fort Mifflin is a National Historic site. It was the site of a bloody Revolutionary War battle in November of 1777. It was also a POW camp during the Civil War. Please click here to learn more about the history of the fort. It also has a long documented history of hauntings. Hundreds of witnesses have seen apparitions of soldiers or the blacksmith. Many have heard voices and the screams of woman believed to be Elizabeth Pratt. This was SJGR's first investigation here and follow up investigations are already scheduled. The map below highlights areas of activity during this initial investigation. (click map to enlarge)


9:11pm - As Investigator Steward was recording audio in the Officers Quarters she felt someone touching her ear. She also saw a woman with dirty blonde hair in a light blue dress. She obtained EVP of woman’s voice saying “Don’t come”. Click here to play EVP

10:11pm - In Casement 5 you hear Investigator Jenkins ask on the recording “Who are you?” and a male voice answers “Jean Baptiste”. Click here to play EVP

10:36pm - Investigator Jenkins was recording audio in the Torpedo Casemate and her recorded a female voice saying “Come my children”. Click here to play EVP


-click on a photo for a larger image-

8:37pm - Investigator DiVietro took this photo at random Torpedo Casemate. This building was very active during the investigation. A motion sensor detected movement, EVPs were recorded and the 2nd highest percentage of positive photos were obtained.

9:24pm - Investigator DiVietro took this photo in the Powder Magazine. This building was the location that we obtained the most positive photos. A motion sensor detected movement in here and EVPs were obtained as well.

9:32pm - Investigator Dougherty took this photo in the Powder Magazine when she and her teammates heard someone sigh.

9:53pm - Investigator Beaty took this photo just after the motion sensor in the sally port guard shack detected movement.

Photo location analysis chart

EVP location chart