Weather: Foggy, 63 degrees, 84% humidity, 30.05" barometric pressure
Solar Activity: Normal
Geomagnetic Activity: Quiet
Moon Phase: 93% of Full

Equipment Used: DXG-568 Digital  Camera, Kodak EasyShare C330 Digital  Camera, Kodak EasyShare CX7300 Digital  Camera, Nikon Coolpix 4300, Nikon D70, Nikon SB-600 Speedlight

Sony CCD-TRV128 Video Camera w/ IR nightshot, Sony Handycam DCR-DVD 100, IR light extender, Sony HVL-IRM IR light, spare camcorder battery

Olympus VN-120 Digital Voice Recorder, Olympus VN-1800 Digital  Voice Recorder, Panasonic IC Recorder RR-US360, Sony ICD-B300 Digital Voice Recorder, Sony IC Recorder ICD-SX25

3-Cell Sensor EMF Meter, 3-ELF Zone EMF meter, Gauss Meter EMF meter, Gauss Lites EMF meter, Hot Spot Meter EMF meter, KII EMF meter, 3-Trifield Natural EM Meter

ES Infrared thermometer EST-20, Raytek MT2 non-contact IR thermometer, La Crosse Technology's IR101 Infrared thermometer, Radio Shack Digital  thermometer, Oregon Scientific thermo/hygro weather station w/ 3 remote sensors, Radio Shack Digital  thermometer/hygrometer

Drive Way Alert remote motion sensor, Streetwise MAAC Motion Detector, Telko S003M IR motion detector, 2-Cobra Cleartalk FRS radios, 2-Bell South 18 channel 2 way FRS radio, 2-Motorola Talkabout radios, 2-Uniden TR620 FRS radio

Film: All Digital Format

Tapes: 8mm Sony

- Private House: New Hope, PA -

Date Of Investigation: 09-09-06
9:40pm – 1:00am
Investigators on Scene:
Sharon Carroll, Nicole Rollender, Paul Seymour, and Steve Wassall
Photos taken (Digital ): 509
Photos taken (35mm): N/A
Positive Photos (Digital ): 10
Positive Photos (35mm): N/A
EVP's: 0
Anomalous EMF readings: 0
Anomalous temperature changes: 0
Positive Motion Sensor Readings: 0
Video: 0


This was SJGR's second, or follow-up, investigation of this home.  On this occasion, l
ess than 2% of the total photos taken were deemed positive, which is within the normal range found in a home.  No anomalous temperature, EMF, or motion detector readings were obtained.

Both of our investigations yielded similar results: We did not obtain any viable physical evidence during either investigation, but investigators received an impression of a female spirit named "Debbie", whom appeared to be specifically attached to a blue vase.  Our investigators did feel a marked improvement in the energy of the home, especially the living room, after having to cleared.  This home is located in a very energetic and historic area where spirit activity is likely.


-click on a photo for a larger image-

10:23pm - Investigator Carroll took this photo at random.

10:08pm - Investigator Rollander took this photo at random minutes before she pciked up on a female presence in the area to right.